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My exams are finished quite some time ago and they all went well! I was so happy with my results so that meant that my vacation had a great start (although I will still have to work on my bachelor paper, but oh wel, let’s not talk about that hihi). So, for now I’m just enjoying my vacation here in my own country, but I can’t wait to take a plane to a new destination, but I’m not sure when that’s gonna happenšŸ™‚ but I hope soooon! For now, I collected some pictures of these last weeks, hope you enjoy!!!

xxxx Eveline

PicMonkey Collage

Shopping with my sisters | ananasĀ | coping with heat

Kayaking in the pooring rain | food festival | playing | little bird | sunburnšŸ˜¦

Quote | mjamieee | our garden getting an upgrade


Hey! Some time ago I received this sweater from the webshop, definitely check their webshop for some more sweaters and blouses! This white sweater is great for those chilly summernights combined with some shorts or simple jeans. For now, I have to wait a little bit to enjoy those summernights to the fullest because of my exams, but hey, better times are coming up!

Enjoy your Sunday evening, xoxo Eveline


New in: Converse schoes

Quite some time ago I ordered these shoes from the webshop because they are a great piece for summer. Since the day they arrived I’ve been wearing them almost every day. They are very comfortable and the sizing is good. If you also want to check out some great clothing pieces from different brands like Only, Vero Moda, Supertrash and Nike or some shoes from brands like Converse, Esprit and New Balance, definitely hit the vantilburgonlineĀ webshop!!

Kisses xoxo Eveline


Event: Press Opening Primark Hasselt!

Wiejoee, yesterday was the opening of the 3rd Primark in Belgium, this new Primark is located in Hasselt and because the opening ceremony was yesterday I was invited to go and take a look before there was a rush of all the people who were waiting outside. Although I had a very good time (read: shopping with a Primark giftcard and finding beautiful summer clothes), I was a bit in doubt and wondering about their ethical trading. We watched a little movie about how the clothes are made, but still I have a feeling of guilt because their clothes are SO cheap. I know that I have to ask myself the same question with other high-street of even designer brands, but with them the prices are higher so at least we have the feeling that their people are treated in a better way. But actually we don’t really know. But enough talk now, I hope you find yourself the time to also think a bit about this issue. For now, enjoy the pictures and maybe I will show you my buys in the next blogpost! See you later, kisses Eveline! Primark Hasselt


Hi!Ā It’s been a while that I posted something on my blog. But, in case you were wondering, I’m fine! And because summer is coming up, I’m thinking of making a trip. But I’m not sure where to go or what I want to see. But I thought it would be fun to write a bit about 3 travel ideas I’m having for a long time.

  • India

The land of the billion smiles, soulful simplicity, anything can happen, peace and adventure, spontaneous celebrations, colours and sounds, loving hospitality and the feeling of eternity! These are a few reasons to love India. I hope one day to visit this country and get a glimpse of its magical beauty and their people with carefree spirits.COLLAGEindia


Snow-dusted or sun-kissed steppe and taiga, the Gobi Desert and the Great Wall, the Trans-Siberian routes unite landscapes and experiences into the journey of a lifetime. This kind of travelling is not for travellers in a hurry but it’s a comfortable way of travelling and you can choose your own route while you can interact with other passengers on this 7 day train ride (when you decide not to take a stop) and while passing 7 time zones. Making a stop to visit Mongolia for week to ride horses into the mountains is definitely one of the things you must do when taking this route.TRANS MONGOLIE TRAIN


Okay, this country I did already visit, but one of my friends is living over there and she just moved to another city I’ve not been yet, so this country made it to my list again. And because Turkey is more than the beach resorts in Antalya, Bodrum or Marmaris, I looked up some very interesting places. For example Goreme and Avanos in central Turkey and the Taurus mountains.collage turkije

So tell me, what are your travel ideas or what’s your favourite on this list?

xoxo Eveline

H&M Home Collection

Hi everyone! I’m here today with a collage of my favourites from the H&M Home Collection! This collection will be available in the new H&M store in my student town, Ghent from next Friday. Can’t wait to visit! But for now, enjoy the pieces I picked outšŸ™‚

H&m Home

Happy Saturday! xoxo Eveline